Mixing Colors, Taste & People

Fruit and Veggies @ home

Five fruits and vegetables a day? 

Easy peasy, lemon squeaky with MeltingPom'.

Choose what you like from an incredible selection of fresh and healthy fruit and veggies from around the world. Our couriers will bring your order to you in Brussels. 

You'll be sure to have everything you need in the fridge to start the day or to counter a slump. 


Tasty Gifts

Thanking a friend, family or you loved one has never been so tasty with our gifts made up of delicious, carefully selected local products. 

Choose your favorite items, tell us the message you want to add and our team takes care of the rest!  


Traceable and organic products*, local sourcing and partnerships, bike delivery... Recycled containers, traceability of our products, bike delivery...

All the efforts for a greener world. Who can do better?

*Organic: products from organic agriculture (Certisys BE-Bio-01). 

Green delivery with a smile

We all dream of cities without pollution, traffic and noise. 

At MeltingPom', no greenwashing : just action!

We deliver by bike whenever possible. Thanks to our cargo bikes, our couriers can deliver your fruit, snacks and gifts quickly and smoothly. 

The result? They always arrive at your door with a smile.


Products with impeccable freshness.


A wide choice for fruit and vegetable lovers. 


A very fast and environmentally friendly service.

Proximity and Flexibility

Ordering fruit and vegs for your family has never been easier. With MeltingPom', you focus on what matters to you and we take care of the rest!

Located in the heart of Brussels, we are close to you. For us, this proximity means listening to and understanding your needs so that we can always serve you better.

A last minute request? 

Don't worry, our bike couriers  will be happy to pedal to your home. 


MeltingPom' is a Belgian company that belongs to its members. 

Respect for our producers, suppliers and customers is central to our development. 

This is why transparency is so important to us. 

We like to communicate every detail of our operations and prices. 

Is something unclear to you? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any question you may have. 

Carlos, Fondateur

Ingénieur Agronome Carlos s'occupe de la relation avec nos différents producteurs afin de sans cesse proposer le meilleur équilibre possible entre qualité et prix! 

Erdem, Opérations

Erdem connaît Bruxelles mieux que quiconque. C'est donc tout naturellement lui s'occupe de la préparation des commandes, des itinéraires des livreurs et du dispatching de nos livraisons.