Ease, Flexibility & Simplicity

A wide range of products

At the right price. We work with local producers who are committed to providing high quality products.  

We try to be as transparent as possible by indicating the origin of the product, its size and the price. 

Let's talk about the price! We want to pay each link in our chain, from the producer to the deliverer, correctly

@ Home or to gift

All our products are available for home delivery or for gift giving.  

For home deliveries, your products are presented in bulk, while for gifts, they are beautifully wrapped.


You choose, we prepare

Tastes and colors are not up for discussion, especially when it comes to food! 

You select the fruit and veggies you want to order. All items are available by the piece. 

Place your order before 3pm and all you have to do is wait for our courier. 

Provide us with all sorts of information when ordering so that the delivery goes as smoothly as possible. 

Delivery with a smile

All orders placed before 3pm, will be delivered the next day in Brussels and the day after in the rest of Belgium.  

Secure payment

We provide a safe and secure online payment method. 

Create your own account on your first visit to make it easier for you to place future orders.